Who will create your next tattoo?

Each tattoo artist at Moon has a unique style and gravitates toward subjects that speak to them individually. Take a look at each of them and see who you resonate with.
Tina Poe
@tinapoe - Owner, Artist (she/they)
Tina loves telling stories on skin that bring something special into her client’s lives. Tina creates fine line blackwork tattoos with soft shading and stippling that find magic in the natural and supernatural world. Hands, eyes, fungi, animals, and creatures of a far away enchanted land.

Books open now.
David Poe
@mrdavidpoe - Tattoo Artist (he/him/they)
Telling shrouded stories of the dead, David's fine line blackwork tattoos evoke the style of classic woodcuts, etchings, and pen and ink drawings from his unseen world of nature, animals, bones, skulls, and figures from a darker dimension.

Books open now.
@jthomasinks- Tattoo Artist
Our chromatic alchemist, engulfed in a sea of Anime, Jason masters illustrative neotraditional, blackwork, and color tattoos that can include animals, skulls, dark art, video games, insects, and floral pieces.

Books open now.

@mantaraetattoo- Tattoo Artist (she/her)
Reverence for the soft beauty of life and decay in the death-life-death cycle of nature, Amanda tattoos feminine, fine line black and grey stipple based work with an occasional soft touch of color.

Books open September 1st.

@ragebabytattoo- Tattoo Artist (she/her)
Understanding the delicate and understated, Karina tattoos fineline, minimalist, tattoos that are precious reminders of life.
Karina's tattoos whisper delicately in the skin, showcasing plants and animals, all of nature, text and script, illustrative art, ornamentals, and anime/manga.

Books open on the 26th of each month. 

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