Who will create your next tattoo?

Each tattoo artist at Moon has a unique style and gravitates toward subjects that speak to them individually. Take a look at each of them and see who you resonate with.
Tina Poe
Owner, Artist (she/they)
Listening for stories on the wind, Tina creates fine line blackwork tattoos with soft line shading and stippling that find magic in the natural and supernatural world. Hands, eyes, fungi, animals, and creatures of a far away enchanted forest.

Books open February 4.
David Poe
Mrdavidpoe - Tattoo Artist (he/him/they)
Telling shrouded stories of the dead, David's fine line blackwork tattoos evoke the style of classic woodcuts, etchings, and pen and ink drawings from his unseen world of nature, animals, bones, skulls, and figures from a darker dimension.

Books open January 28.
Jon Sproul
Sprovler - Tattoo Artist
Shouting at the whispers in the dark, "Sproul" creates heavy blackwork tattoos that explore a dimly, candle-lit world of lady demons, reapers, skulls, and cats.

Books open February.

Jason Thomas
Jthomasinks - Tattoo Artist
Our chromatic alchemist, engulfed in a sea of Anime, Jason masters illustrative neotraditional, blackwork, and neon tattoos that can also include animals, skulls, dark art, video games, insects, and floral pieces.

Books open March.

Rita von Lehe
Tattoo Artist
Sitting at her desk surrounded by greenery, Rita is working on projects that include flora, fauna, and plant symbology created as transcendent blackwork tattoos with a focus on finely detailed botanicals, alchemical, and surreal imagery.

Books closed, mailing list available for updates.

Sabrina Brock
Petite.thief - Tattoo Artist  (she/they)
Our guru of sweetness, Sabrina's breathes into existence a tattooed storybook world of blackwork animals and their mythical friends who live a full life in pursuit of happiness.

Books open January 14.

Ella Bergdoll-Oberhammer
Tinyloophole - Tattoo Artist (they/them)
Our sheriff of kindness, Ella knows their way around illustrative tattoos inspired by nature, the occult, and tenderness. Botanicals, animals both real and magical, lady heads, pinups, and pet portraits in color or black and gray.

Books closed, mailing list available for updates.

Amanda Rae
Mantaraetattoo - Tattoo Artist (she/her)
Accepting the beauty of the cyclical nature of life and decay, Amanda shares with all of us her feminine, fine line, black and grey stippled tattoos with an occasional soft touch of color.

Books closed, mailing list available for updates.

Guest Artists

Interested to see which guest artists are coming to Moon? Check out our Instagram  story highlights   @moontattoostudio

Guest spots are a bit more limited going forward, but we are always interested in hosting guest artists at Moon when our schedules line up. Contact us to send Tina a link to your portfolio and a bit about yourself.