David Poe

Mrdavidpoe - Tattoo Artist (he/him/they)

Reminiscent of classic woodcuts, etchings, and pen and ink drawings

David specializes in blackwork tattoos with many small fine lines. His favorite subjects are found in nature and mythology, include animals, bones, skulls, and figures with horns.

You can schedule appointments with him directly once a month. Keep up with his news on Instagram @mrdavidpoe.

Are you ready?

I'd love to tattoo one of my available designs, or create a custom design that I tattoo just for you.
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David's common questions

Yes, I require a non-refundable deposit of $300 to hold your tattoo appointment date. If the tattoo needs multiple sessions, the deposit is applied to your last appointment session. If the tattoo is finished in one session the deposit is applied to the finished tattoo that day.

If you need to reschedule your appointment for any reason, give me at least 2 days/48 hours notice and we can reschedule you for another day. Trying to reschedule under 2 days or 48 hours will result in the loss of your deposit, and will cancel your appointment.

The deposit will be void for cancellations at any time, no-shows, or later arrivals after 30 minutes. If you no-show for a scheduled consultation you will be not be able to schedule with me in the future.
On the day of your tattoo appointment we will review the custom tattoo design drawing together, in person, and make any minor changes needed before starting the tattoo. I do not provide the design before our appointment time.

Significant changes that were not discussed during the consultation could result in the loss of your deposit.
David closes his eyes and sees black-sand beaches, grey oceans, grey skies, the sound of wind twisting through trees and rocks and deep-green grasses scattered with mossy bones. Strange stone houses rise from the grassy fields that lead up to the white-tipped mountains in the distance. Howling is often heard in dark and far-away places long after the bonfires have died.

When he opens them again, he is in an armless leather chair in a bright-white tattoo studio, his machine humming in his hand. He relaxes his shoulders and takes a deep breath before he begins His Work. He has been doing this since 2012.

David draws. With black ink and hundreds of lines he shapes the natural world: bones, snakes, plants, antlers, and horns. He loves all types of animals, most insects, and always loves drawing the human figure. His Work blends people and nature bringing out a unique magick. He has been a student of art since 2000.

It’s said that he once rolled a twenty-sided-die, a critical success, and now lives with his partner: Tina Poe and their maybe-a-cat/ maybe-a-monster child-pet Mojito Poe. He has worked at her Tattoo Studio in Austin, Texas, called Moon Tattoo, since it opened in 2016. His house is filled with plants and bones and the firepit in the yard is always full of wood.

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