Common questions

We continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation in our area and have decided to be mask optional at this time. Please contact your artist if you have concerns. Some of our artists will continue masking, and everyone else will mask if you prefer them to for your appointment.
Please don't, contact your artist as soon as possible to reschedule, then stay home and get better! You need to be healthy to handle the discomfort of the tattoo, your body also needs strength to heal which will be difficult if you are fighting an illness. You should not bring your illness into the studio putting your artist and everyone else in the studio at risk.
Because of the risk of complications and the law we will not tattoo anyone under the influence. It will make for a worse experience for you and your artist.
We are not available for walk-in tattoos, you will need to set an appointment ahead of time with the artist you are interested in.

For the latest availability news take a look at our Instagram story highlights @moontattoostudio
You must be 18 or older, no exceptions to get tattooed or to come inside the studio. Remember to bring a valid government issued I.D. with photo and date of birth to each appointment.
The artists do require deposits to secure appointments, but each artist manages their own schedule, deposits, and policies of how they handle them.

Our artists set their own hourly rates, flat rates, or minimums. The best way to move forward is to talk to your artist about the tattoo you are thinking of.
Eat before you come in, be well rested, and show up on time. Read over our preparation instructions for more details.
Yes, most tattoos hurt to some degree. Everyone will feel discomfort or pain differently as pain tolerances vary. You will feel the vibration of the machine, and light to moderate stinging as the tattoo is being applied to your skin. There may be some soreness after the tattoo session, you may also notice swelling and redness, this can remain for a day or more but typically lasts less than one week.
There are possible risks and dangers associated with the application of each tattoo because needles are opening tiny holes in the skin and depositing a foreign substance, pigment.
We limit the risks of infection by exceeding the standards set by The Texas Department of Health.
Tips are not expected but always appreciated similar to other service industries in the US.
At the time of your tattoo, your artist will provide you with instructions on how to care for your tattoo. If you have questions, reach out to your artist.
Each artist decides what subject and which placements they are willing to tattoo. However, at Moon we won’t tolerate or entertain any type of hate-based, blatantly obscene, or derogatory behavior or tattoos.
Please eat before you come in. You may bring contained snacks and non-alcoholic drinks to consume during breaks.
We can not accommodate anyone who does not have an appointment at Moon. No children under 18 may be in the studio at any time.
We do not currently have the capacity to take on an apprentice.